How will the heroes end the war and save the missing commoners from their unknown captors?

The country of Haesyrya had only recently ended it’s troubles with ‘The Revolution’. Two years after The Revolution’s Downfall, Haesyrya was just finished rebuilding it’s government and re-instating it’s true king once more. But, in the middle of a peaceful year, The king of the neighboring Country Aelathor declared war upon Haesyrya.

The war started because of an uncovered political scandal between the politicians of Aelathor. Aelathor’s king, Herchalas Rizshin, was rumored to start the war to get back at the Haesyryan King, Alast Rinilon. King Alast Rinilon’s detectives were the ones to discover the scandal and corruptions in the first place. The war is said to be Aelathor’s revenge on Haesyrya, for shaming their best politicians, including their King.

The Haesyryan War, as it’s called, was started four years ago.

Now, in the midst of war, strange kidnappings are taking place. Haesyryan commoners are disappearing by the dozen. No one knows where they are being taken and no ransoms have be asked for by their unknown captors.

An Enemy Unknown

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